Operation Weight : 49500 kgs
Gross Power : 353HP @1900rpm
Bucket capacity : 3.03m3



The R480 LC-9S Hyundai excavator is specifically made for extremely heavy duty mining and quarrying operations. And that’s why, it comes with top-of-the-line features that promise fast performance, high stability, extended machine & component life, and high operator convenience, comfort and safety.

Equipment UNIT R 480LC-9S
Engine Model   Cummins QSM11-C
Gross Power hp @ rpm 353 @1900rpm
Operating Weight Kgs 49500
Bucket Range cu.m 2.43- 3.0
Swing speed rpm 9
Travel speed, high/ low km/hr 5.0 / 3.2
Max. digging reach on ground mm 11900
Max. digging Depth mm 7810
Tail swing radius mm 3780
Bucket digging force kgf. 28360

Proven/ reliable, fuel efficient Cummins Tier Ill QSM11 engine Electronically controlled for optimum fuel to air ratio and clean, efficient combustion Low noise/ Auto engine overheat feature/ Anti-restart feature
New patented hydraulic control for improved controllability / Improved control valve design for added efficiency and smoother operation / New auto boom and swing priority system for optimum speed/ New auto power boost feature for additional power when needed/ Improved arm-in and boom-down flow regeneration system for added speed and efficiency
Industry-leading, powerful, reliable Kawasaki designed, variable volume in-line axial piston pumps New compact solenoid block equipped with 4 solenoid valves, 1 EPPR valve, 1 check valve accumulator and pilot filter - controls 2 speed travel, power boost, boom priority, safety lock
Improved VisibilityEnlarged cab with improved visibility/ See-through upper skylight for visibility and ventilation Larger right-side glass, now one piece, for better right visibility Safety glass windows on all sides - less expensive than (polycarbonate) and won't scratch or fade Closeable sunshade for operator convenience/ Reduced front window seam for improved operator view
Sealed track chain (urethane seals)/ Standard track rail guard/ Comfortable bolt-on stepsLarge upper roller cut-outs for debris clean-out/ Tapered side frames for debris clean-out/ Grease-type track tensioner

P (Power Max) mode maximizes machine speed and power for mass production.S (Standard) mode provides a reduced, fixed rpm for optimum performance and improved fuel economy. For maximum fuel savings and improved control, E (Economy) mode provides precise flow and engine power based on load demand. Three unique power modes provide the operator with custom power, speed and fuel economy.
The work mode allows the operator to select single flow attachments like a hydraulic breaker or bi-directional flow attachments like a crusher. Flow settings unique to each attachment can be programmed from within the cluster.
Some jobs require more precise machine sett ings. Using the versatile U (User) mode, the operator can customize engine speed, pump output, idle speed and other machine settings for the job at hand.

The Tier Ill compliant, six cylinder, turbo-charged, 4 cycle, water cooled, Cummins QSM11 diesel engine is built for power, reliability, efficiency and reduced emissions.
The QSM 11 from Cummins. With advanced electronics. Higher torque. Better throttle response. Shorter service times. Longer maintenance intervals.Increased fuel economy . Decreased noise. Diagnostics. Prognostics. Engine protection, and more. All wrapped up in something we call the Quantum system. The QSM11 is built to withstand the toughest work environment. Bearings have more surface area to handle higher loads with greater durability. The exhaust manifold allows for heat expansion and contraction, eliminating metal stress fractures. Reduced friction in the power cylinder means longer life and increased power output. From the structurally reinforced block to the stiffened gear housing, the QSM11 is built stronger to last longer.

9 series excavators are engineered to be extremely fuel efficient. New innovations like fan clutch, the variable speed remote fan , two-stage auto decel system and the new economy mode help to conserve fuel and reduce the impact on the environment.

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